Social & Medical Unit


All scanning centres are required to furnish details of scans conducted by them during a particular month to the Civil Surgeon. In case, they do not provide requisite information on one excuse or the other, necessary disciplinary action is taken against such scanning centres who indulge in mal- practices and do not comply with the rules. 2page_img2Thus, the campaign from both sides i.e. recording of data on pregnant mother(social audit) from the society's side and medical audit of scanning centres can certainly help bring down the cases of female foeticide.

Celebration in villages on the birth of Girl child.

2page_img2About 25% of the village where sex ratio is abnormally low, special attention is paid to them. The meetings at village level are attended by the Deputy Commissioner and other Senior Officers.

Empowering child & building confidence through training in martial arts.

Public Mournings in the village where a foeticide has been committed